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Your Paradise.
Your Private Sanctuary.
Your Dreams Come True.

Imagine stepping into your garden and entering a world where stress simply melts away.

Welcome to your inner sanctum, where every detail brings peace of mind and joy to your soul.

Your Garden of Eden.
A Glimpse of Heaven.

Imagine relaxing sunsets on your patio. The aroma of steaks fills the air from your outdoor kitchen: barefoot kids and playful laughter in your garden. 


This is the best of life. Where memories are made. Parties are held. And your family gathers to celebrate in your brand-new outdoor living space.


You sit back and admire the accent lighting that illuminates your water fountain, trees, plants, and pergola. Later tonight, your automatic sprinkler will moisten the foliage and grass. And in the morning, you'll wake up to the smell of a freshly watered garden.


But for now, you enjoy the moment. You rest in the tranquility of your private oasis with your family sitting at your side and drinks in hand. And that's when you realize this is as close to Heaven on Earth as life gets. And you'd have it no other way.

Ready to Enjoy Your 

New Outdoor Space?

The process is as easy as one, two, three:


Initial Consultation

Your vision for your outdoor space is as unique as you are. That's why, during our initial consultation, we'll listen intently to your goals. We'll discuss your lifestyle. We'll gather all the vital information we need to put together your landscape master plan.


Project Planning

Next, our designer and planning team will work hand-in-hand with you to determine your service needs. Nothing will be left to chance. We'll address every detail and answer any questions you may have. And we'll create your new landscape management plan.



Once you've signed off on the proposal, our professional leadership team and landscape crew will take over the maintenance and management needs of your property. Soon, you may wonder what you ever did without our team working to beautify your landscape.

Here's What Your Birmingham Neighbors Have To Say

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Don't be Late
for the Summer Party

Let's Get You Started So You Can Celebrate In Style

The adventure begins with a free, no-obligation, 30-minute consultation with one of our landscape design experts. So what are you waiting on? Be summer party ready.


The Richter Advantage  is a commitment to excellence in leadership, stewardship, and craftsmanship. These four core values drive our every action on every job, every day. 





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