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Green Collar Patch Project

"Over the years, landscaping as a line of work has been viewed as an outlier when it comes to determining a career path. When people think about the types of jobs there are in the world, it is traditionally broken down into two buckets: white collar and blue collar. However, one pivotal line of work is missing from this lineup and that is the work of green collar employees, those who are committed to creating a more beautiful and more sustainable environment for all walks of life.

Urture is proud to present the Green Collar Patch Project, inviting brands and companies to join a movement that will help drive awareness to the ever-growing landscape, arborist, nursing and farming trades.

This unique collaboration invites the green collar workforce to represent their company or organization by adding their “patch” to the official “Green Collar” hat, which will be supplied by Urture. With each hat order, a portion of that sale will be donated to trade schools and programs that provide the skills needed to be successful in green collar fields of work.

 “There is no limit to the things that can be accomplished when people come together under a common cause. As brands participate, not only will they be promoting their own green collar workforce, but they will be supporting the future of work and the future of our environment”

 “These patches represent service and a sense of pride for the entire green collar workforce, promoting lines of work that previously go overlooked,” says Urture Clothing founder Zech Strauser.

 If your brand, business or organization wishes to join, fill out the form below. From there, someone from the Urture team will reach out with next steps."

The Mission

Urture and Richter Landscape have partnered to give back. We believe in giving back to our community, and our commitment to sustainable practices goes beyond the products we sell. Every time you purchase one of our high-quality hats, part of your purchase will be donated to a horticulture program of our choice. We take a great deal of pride in our contributions to society, and we are committed to using our platform for the greater good.

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Coming Soon!

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